Introducing the X-Machine! 

We're excited to announce the X-Machine, built and designed for the SkateX ecosystem. The X-Machine will power limited-timed events for both holders and non-holders of SkateX NFTs.

➤ How Does it work?

During an event, you'll be able to spend GRIND, SkateX SFTs or SOL for a chance to win rare prizes! Certain prizes will allow you to participate in future events.

How to use the X-Machine -

Step 1: Click "Connect your wallet" on the X-Machine

Step 2: Click "Start" on the X-Machine you want to play

Step 3: Click on the item you want to burn

Step 4: Select how many times you'd like to play (1x, 3x or 5x)

Step 5: Click "Play" and sign the transaction, then wait for the machine to reveal your prizes!

➤ What are the prizes?

X-Machine prizes will vary from event to event. Some prizes will include tokens, in-game assets, exclusive burning events to upgrade your NFTs, exclusive mints for rare drops of items within our ecosystem, partnerships with other projects or brands and other big prizes... the possibilities are endless!

➤ How long will the events last?

Events will range anywhere from a few hours to a few days, but each machine will have a timer showing the duration of the event.