SkateX is a free-to-play extreme sports MMO video game that uses blockchain so players can truly own their digital gear. SkateX boards, streetwear and more are NFTs that are actually used in the game. Ride your board, deck it out with stickers, wear whatever truly expresses your digital identity. And most of all – have fun!

Ben Topkins


Kabam, Supercell, Roblox, Elex, The Drone Racing League

Rob Oshima

Co-founder, Corp Dev

Kabam, 20th Century Fox, Forte, Apple, and Solana Labs

Curtis Chiu

Co-founder, Studio

Konami, Sega, Naver, Kabam, Roblox Consultant

Brian Hettler

Brand Director

VaynerMedia, Supercell, Apple, Hulu, NBC Universal

Jay Jodway


Roblox, Kabam, Gree International, IO Economics, Baird

Greg Eichholzer

Art Director

Kinoo, Kabam, Rockyou, Lolapps, Animotion, Academy of Art University

Chitvan GUPTA

Engineering lead

Curriculum Associates,
Glu Mobile, Cloudcade, Playstudios

Matt Kuchinos

Project Manager

Department of Defense, QVC, The Drone Racing League

Mateo Arias

Community Manager

F2K Gaming, Twitch

Chris Albrecht

Corporate Communications

Kabam, GigaOM, AtomShockwave

Grant Hart


Rally, Taki

Billy Laurain

Unity Engineer

EA, BioWare, Priatek, NantGames, Sandbar Games

Danny Alvarez

3D Art Intern

Devin Boyce

3D Art Intern

Michael Buffington

Concept Art Lead

Lucas Film Animation,
Crest Animation Studios, Academy of Art University

Jiang Pei

Sr. Concept Artist

Curiosity Game, BitGuild, KEMO Game, Changfeng Movies

Jim Diao

Tech Artist

Weibo Co.,Ltd ,  MiGU Video Co.,Ltd.

Jordan McCracken-Foster

2D Art Intern

DreamWorks TV Animation, Netflix TV Animation, Drawaholics Anonymous, Grind Before Glory, Art Prof LLC

Julie Sakai

2D Art Intern

Justin Miller

Game Design Intern

SetMD (Movie Set Design)   Payette, Shepley Bulfinch, HDR (All Architecture Firms)

Lacie Yao

Sound Design Intern

Dragon TV, Shanghai Himalaya Technology, Dragonfly FM, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

Letitia Longbons

Environment Art Intern

Innovation Theory, Drawaholics Anonymous, Grind Before Glory, Academy of Art University

Ling Luo

UI Artist

Wenjing Technology, Shuwan Technology

Michael Gale

Unity Engineer

Disastercake, Underbite Games, Jumpstart Games, Humanature Studios, Microsoft Games Studio, Coding Dojo

Phil Kauffold

Tech Artist

Crystal Dynamics, DeNA/ngmoco, Academy of Art University

Richelle Cowan

NFT Producer

Innovation Theory, Drawaholics Anonymous, Grind Before Glory, Academy of Art University, LPS LLC


3D Artist