x-Machine faqs 

We're excited to announce the X-Machine, built and designed for the SkateX ecosystem. The X-Machine will power limited-timed events for both holders and non-holders of SkateX NFTs.

➤ When can I expect to receive my prize?

The X-Machine distributes prizes on-chain. Depending on network conditions, transactions may take more than 60 seconds to complete.

➤ Is there a limit to the number of times I can play?

There are no limits to number of plays, as long as you have the required assets in your wallet to play.

➤ How much does it cost to play in the X-Machine?

Each X-Machine will have different costs, some will cost GRIND, some will cost Tix and others will have a combination of different assets as cost.

➤ How long will each X-Machine be playable for?

Each machine will have a countdown timer letting you know when it ends.

How can I get more GRIND?

GRIND can be obtained by staking your SkateX/DripX NFTs, playing the X-Machine for GRIND prizes and participating in community events in our Discord e.g Game nights, contests, etc.

➤ How can I get more SkateX Tix SFTs?

The only ways to get more SkateX SFTs are through staking event airdrops, play select X-Machine with Tix as prizes and participate in community events in our Discord e.g Game nights, contests, etc.

Tix can be used for free plays on certain X-Machines, for example, Red Tix can be used in the Red machine, Green and Blue tix will be used in future X-Machines.

➤ Will the X-Machine ever offer NFTs from other projects?

That's our goal, as we continue to build out more partnerships.

➤ What are the drop rates?


GRIND ➤ Common
Red Tix SFT ➤ Uncommon
Green Tix SFTs ➤ Rare
Blue Tix SFTs ➤ Ultra Rare
HeartX NFTs ➤ Epic
F*CK V-DAY NFTs ➤ Legendary